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Since 1986, CMS Inc. has provided Project Control and Project Support Services to our clients by offering a complete Project Controls package.

CMS Inc. has been declared "Best in Class" for project controls due to our strict adherence to our Integrated Project Control Module - a long-proven approach to providing early warnings of potential problems, and accuracy in assessment.

Integrated Project Controls

CMS Inc. approaches all projects in a uniform manner. We understand that each client is unique, and as such, each project has different requirements. What works for one project may not necessarily work for all, but our systematic application of the integrated control approach will always result in a more effective project execution.

When problems arise, CMS Inc. has the project experience that allows us to find more than one solution, the control experience to quickly monitor the results, and the insight to modify the plan to obtain the goals of the project.

CMS Inc.'s ultimate goal for each client is to eliminate all surprises. With adequate foresight of potential problems, project stakeholders have enough time to influence the outcome.

Benefits of a CMS Inc. Solution:

  1. A Consistent Measure of Cost Performance.

  2. An Early Identification of Cost Trends.

  3. An Early Measure of Estimate Accuracy.

  4. Management of Change.

  5. An Accurate Forecast of Final Cost.

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