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Our People

Our leadership philosophy is firmly anchored in mentorship. The hands on approach of our executive team ensures the best possible use of all resources from junior technicians to company president. When engaging with CMS, you will have access to the energy, enthusiasm and creativity of our apprentice level along with experience of a diverse team of project control professionals. Outsourcing of controls relies on trust, and outsourcing project controls can help your team become more open to new ideas and methodologies in effective project management. In other words, you and your team members gain additional experience in the field through the use of outsourced controls, which builds relationships between executive-level leadership and your team simultaneously.

Aaron Buntrock


Aaron is an innovative; results oriented Project Control Professional. Highly skilled at gap analysis, he is adept at assessing needs, generating options, and implementing solutions in partnership with clients and stakeholders. As a certified Project Definition Review Index facilitator, Aaron utilizes the PDRI methodology to reduce risk in capital project delivery by promoting rigorous scope definition and a collaborative review process during front end planning. Aaron’s expertise will help your project teams improve scope definition, become better aligned, and provide transparency on identified gaps. This vital information will assist project stakeholders to mitigate risks, predict potential “soft spots”, and overcome costly problems down the road. With significant practical Project Control experience, Aaron has the knowledge, experience, and skills to conduct Project Audits during key project phases to identify what has gone well, and what needs improvement. He also spearheads post project forensic analysis to assist your organization to build “success criteria” for future projects, and ensures mistakes are not repeated by supplying “Lessons Learned” reporting.

Andrew Smith

Vice President, Operations

The performance of his team is the best indicator of Andrew’s personal contribution to our client’s projects. By utilizing his experience in planning, estimating, forecasting, scheduling, cost control, and project reporting, his team routinely exceeds the expectations of our clients.  Andrew has built a reputation of holding all project participants to the same high standard that he sets for himself. Andrew’s approach customizes the controls outputs to fit the needs of each, but at the heart of the process the method remains the same, integrated controls. By providing guidance on the estimate, plan, schedule and cost reports, we can ensure that there is consistency in the output.

Anjarajo Hambafehy

Vice President, Resource Development

Hamba’s specific area of expertise is providing a structured approach to reporting performance from the initiation of design engineering work through the construction phase. This leads to transparency with cost and schedule status and allows for progress reporting to be broken out by discipline. By utilizing this form of control and including the engineering work, the chances of project success are significantly increased. Internally, Hamba drives the development and execution of our company’s continuous improvement initiatives designed to eliminate non-value added activities while improving operational excellence. He guides a team of subject matter experts in designing new procedures and prioritization of improvement opportunities.