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Project Health Assesment Services

For over 30 years CMS Inc. has been assisting our clients to achieve a “Healthy Project” status through our “Best in Class” project controls services. From initial engineering, execution phase assessments and post project forensic analysis, CMS Inc. has the knowledge, experience, and skill to guarantee the best possible performance/outcome every time.

The best possible performance, every time!

Recovery Planning

In project implementation terms, being behind schedule, over budget, under resourced, or having poor quality deliverables can all be considered “project failures”. So how do you recover from an imminent project failure?

Being able to salvage a failed project is where CMS Inc. shines. CMS Inc. will assists you in prioritising your project recovery planning and activities so that you identify and tackle the most serious problems first, and work your way down the list accordingly until you’re back on track.

Experts in Project Recovery

Progress and Performance Assessment

Failure to meet time and budget goals can pose a significant threat to the future of any organization. That is why conducting project audits during the execution phase of your project will ensure that your project is healthy and on track.

Aside from the immediate benefits, conducting Project Audits during key phases will assist in identifying what has gone well, and what needs improvement. This forensic analysis helps build your organisations “success criteria” for future projects, and ensures mistakes are not repeated by supplying “Lessons Learned” reporting.

Enhance Overall Project Performance!

Independent Project Audit/Review

Projects only get one chance to start off right. An independent review or audit of your project prior to the execution phase adds a unique perspective that can be the key component to your projects success.

Having an unbiased third party review your estimate or/and plan prior to commencing construction can sometimes shed light on “big misses” that could be detrimental to the future of your organization.

Ensure A Success From The Start!


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