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CMS Inc. is not only the leading authority regarding “Best in Class“ Project Control standards and practices, we are also an authorized representative of 4castplus Project Management Software. 4Castplus is a cloud based project management solution that was designed to assist project stakeholders to manage their projects and project portfolios. Whether you’re an owner attempting to control capital costs, a contractor juggling billable hours/quantities across numerous resources or an EPCM managing projects on behalf of your client, 4castplus has a solution that will work for you!

Customize 4castplus to fit your needs!

Don't let software dictate your process!

4castplus helps you to streamline your existing business processes and maximize your efficiency. Utilize only the functions that suit your needs or take advantage of the complete 4castplus project management system.

Who uses 4castplus?

Mining companies, oil, gas and chemical refining companies, utility companies, and construction companies, these industries all have their own struggles. When you boil down these struggles down into individual needs, they all require the fundamentals of project management and cost controls, which is what 4castplus was built on.

By bringing together critical project functions such as Project Management, Estimating, Cost Control, Procurement, and Timesheets & Billing, 4castplus offers a collaborative platform that unifies your project team.

  • Portfolio Management

  • Reporting Dashboards

  • Resource Management

  • Cash Flow Reporting

  • Time Phased Budgeting

  • Drilldown Procurement Dashboard

  • Project Summary Reporting

  • Full WBS and CBS

  • Estimating and Budgeting

  • Change Management

  • Benchmark Reporting

  • Earned Value Management

  • Rules of Credit

  • Real-time Jobsite Tracking

  • RFQ & Bid Management

  • Expediting & Logisticst

  • Purchase Order Receiving & Invoicing

  • Time Sheets and Billing


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